Does Art Make You Smile?

My Dads artwork has been a massive part of my life from before I can remember.  I feel like I know his characters, as a child I would even give them names, I would follow each and every line he drew, and would even try to count the dots he would use to shade an area.  I now watch my little girl do the same with him.  She watches the pencil and the lines he creates, making those lines into a cat, and seeing a smile creep onto her face and its like watching me and my Dad 35 years ago. 

I came across an article from the Darlington And Stockton Times about a guy in the region called Matthew Bryan, who leaves his work for others to find.  The reason - to brighten up the lives of strangers.  

If I was lucky enough to find something like his work, it would certainly make me smile and brighten up my day.  He quotes "Its not about getting recognition, I just think we can make the world a better place by sharing the things we love and are passionate about and I think art-dropping is a lovely idea".

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