A Touching Email

We received a very touching email recently from a lovely lady called Lisa. With her permission we have printed it in its entirety.


Ive bought a copy of your westoe netty and i just want to tell you how much i love the style of your painting. after seeing the humour in your painting i looked on the website and have to say if i had the money there are several prints i would love to have, unfortunately i am on income support and therefore poor and couldnt really afford the one i bought, but i had to have it as i loved it so much! but now i find myself in love with several others, so i need to save!

I’m not an artist or knowledgable in the field but i know what i like, and i feel inspired by your work to leave a message, which is something i have never done before.

Its not only the style in which you paint i love but the way you show how life really is in paint with such a sense of humour. sorry im not clever enough to put that in fancy words that make more sense. im trying to say that i can almost recognise the scenes you have painted, the magistrates court for example is spot on!

I just wanted to let you know you have a new fan, i love your work, and i would like to thank you for inspiring me to pick up my pencil and begin drawing again which is something i havent done since school even though i loved it and was quite good (not to your standard ofcourse!)

I also want to thank you for giving me a picture in my home that i absolutely adore.

Thank you

Lisa H
age 37 xxxxxxxx

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