• Coal Mining Prints - The Snuff Tin

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    38 x 28cm signed print

    "Smoking underground was a serious offence with serious penalties.  Many miners would substitute the craving for a smoke by chewing tobacco or taking snuff, both could be purchased from the canteen.  Snuff, which was ground tobacco leaves, was usually placed on the back of the hand or held between the thumb and index finger then snuffed into the nostrils to give a short hit of nicotine and a lasting scent.  Chewing tobacco was also a substitute for smoking.  An inch long piece would be placed between the cheek and the gum or between the teeth, then crushed to release the flavour of nicotine.  Unwanted baccy juice was spat out.  Uncle Jeff Fine Chewing Tobacco or Rubicon Twist were the most common brands."

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