• North East Art Prints - Cumberlands Scrap Yard

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    Signed print 46 x 26cm

    "This was the first oil painting I sold from a gallery. The scrap yard that was located in the Laygate area of South Shields has long gone and been replaced with a state of the art office block.

    The gallery rang the telephone number that is on the painting and asked Mr Cumberland Snr if he was interested in buying the work.  He was and did.  Fifteen or so years passed and a gentleman walked into my studio with the painting under his arm and introduced himself as Mr John Cumberland Jnr. He explained that the area of the scrapyard was to be cleared for redevelopment.  Young Mr Cumberland was clearing out his father’s office and discovered the painting behind a filing cabinet, covered in dust but in good condition.  I cleaned the painting and now it has pride of place in his home near Durham.

    John and I became great friends and over the years has loaned me the painting for exhibitions." - Bob Olley

    © Robert Olley Artwork

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