• North East Art Prints - Geordie & Bella At The Beach

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    Signed print 38cm x 28cm

    "The lack of a tropical sun, a biting North Sea breeze does not deter the stout hearted Geordies from a day at Whitley Bay sands. With the sun burn marks from his string vest still showing and a quick slurp of “Brown Dog” he is all prepared to battle the breakers on his ironing board.  Bella, proudly admires her man’s physique while reading the latest best seller. The kids play beach games and go for the chips while the family dog makes romantic overtures to a female acquaintance unaware that a crab has homed in on a juicy morsel dangling in reach of his nippers."

    © Robert Olley Artwork 
    Reproduction of these images without the express permission of the copyright holder is a violation of The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and copyright infringements will be prosecuted.

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