• Coal Mining Prints - Underground Elvis

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    Signed print 38cm x 28cm

    "He was proud of his black hair and swarthy looks. Being a fan of the American singing sensation Elvis Presley he adopted his idol's hairstyle, cultivating a quiff that hung over his brow from the peak of his pit helmet and thick sideboards down to his jaw line. His pit clothes were worn to fit the image (this was in the days before miners wore orange overalls). Although he was much smaller than his hero and had no singing voice it didn't stop him giving impromptu Elvis impersonations. The steel flat sheets at the shaft bottom became his arena where he performed, not in the glare of Las Vegas spot lights but in the beams of the cap lamps of his cheering audience directed to his stage. Shirt collar turned up, a curled top lip and shovel strung around his neck his fingers danced up an down the imaginary frets of his National Coal Board guitar. Twisting and gyrating his pelvis he worked his way through his repertoire. Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, Don't Be Cruel and for his encore, Hound Dog."


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